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Vael Investor Profile

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Your privacy matters — own it.


People are evolving, businesses are evolving, laws are evolving and Vael is creating the next evolution of the internet. We're making the internet a place that works for everyone. The internet may seem like an established goliath, but the age of living on the internet is still in its infancy. There is a privacy revolution happening within technology and society at large. Now is the time to make the greatest change. People are no longer nomads crossing the digital continents of the internet, they are settlers. It is time for people to own their data. It is time for businesses to get ethical data. It is time for internet 3.0.

Mission Statement

At Vael, we know that every human being is different. It's our unique qualities that make people great — and data valuable. We strive to help people define what makes them different and give people the ability to take ownership of their data.

About Us

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What We Do

Vael is creating CCPA compliant software to build tomorrow’s marketplace for consumer data.

Who We Do it For


  • All 40 million people that live in the state of California
  • There is no easy way for Californians to begin taking action on their CCPA data rights. Vael helps Californians take control of their privacy by helping them submit their CCPA data requests at scale. Using laws like CCPA, we help consumers begin the process of actually owning their data.

Businesses subject to CCPA

  • The 570,000+ business subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)*
  • *Berkeley Economic Advising Research, LLC

  • CCPA compliance is difficult, time consuming, and expensive for companies of all sizes. Vael makes CCPA work for businesses, while keeping them in compliance with the law.

Changing the Internet


  • Company was formed 2019
  • Michael Baker joined Vael team in April 2020
  • Maryam Taheri joined Vael team in May 2020
  • Accepted into Santa Clara University's Entrepreneurs Law Clinic (SCU ELC) in June 2020. The SCU ELC helped us create our proof-of-concept — a letter of authorization allowing Vael submit CCPA data requests for Californians in their behalf acting as their authorized agent under CCPA.
  • Vael CCPA Detector - our Chrome extension, published to Chrome Web Store in October 2020


☑️B2C customer surveys/market research

☑️Proof-of-concept: Vael CCPA authorized agent

☑️B2C prototype: Vael CCPA Detector (Chrome extension)

☑️Vael CCPA Detector user testing


💻 website traffic: 54 views


Vael Wiki traffic: 105 views


Vael CCPA Detector: 9 downloads

Vael CCPA Detector Demo

Where We're Going


Expanding our team — actively interviewing for technical co-founder


Building our B2C and B2B MVP


Seeking Product Market Fit


Changing the internet to make it work for everyone



Opportunity to capture a portion of a $55 billion market enabled by CCPA*

*Berkeley Economic Advising Research, LLC

What We're Looking For / Investment Opportunity

We are looking for select mission driven investors who want to form a long-lasting partnership with Vael. Enabling us to affect positive change on the internet and create a world where privacy matters.


  • Seeking $500k investment in exchange for 15% stake in Vael.

Use of Funds

  1. Payroll
  2. Product Development
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales & Support

Team / Contact


Garrett Gillett

CEO, Founder

LinkedIn: Garrett Gillett


COO & Co-Founder @ Brave Care

Connect with Us




Instagram: @thevael


Twitter: @thevael


LinkedIn: Vael, Inc.


Medium: The Vael

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